70 Best Tattoo Designs for Women in 2020


So what’s new in 2020?  Well, either be bold with something big and beautiful or go for a subtle textual inking.

Big and Beautiful Tattoos

For those women who want a really impressive tattoo, there are plenty of options which won’t make you look like an ex-con sailor from a Russian prison. Today’s tattooists are creating strong and stunning designs which are well suited to females. Tattooton particularity love sleeves with vivid colours and we predict these in your face designs will be big in 2020.
Women tattoos-9

Women tattoos-47

Women tattoos-65

Women tattoos-56

Small Tattoos

Celebrities are sporting a range of tattoos but recent trends have been towards smaller tattoos in less obvious places like the inner wrist. This is a great trend if you want a meaningful tattoo dedicated to a family member or close friend. These tattoos are really subtle so they are a great choice for professionals or first timers.

Oscars Arrivals Women tattoos-54 Women tattoos-53

Phrasal Tattoos

Women often choose a meaningful phrase or motto. Short textual tattoos in a carefully chosen font are beautiful and stylish and suit anyone. Vary the size of the text and they can be subtle or very loud – the choice is yours.

Women tattoos-69

Women tattoos-12

Women tattoos-20

Women tattoos-60

Women tattoos-58


Women tattoos-70

Women tattoos-60

Women tattoos-59



Women tattoos-52

Of course, there are no rules where tattoos are concerned. Trends aren’t really what inking’s about. The only limit is your (and your tattoo artists) imagination. There are no rules about size colour or location. Just go with something that you love and that will still be meaningful to you in 5 or more years time. Have a look at the gallery below to get some inspiration.

Women tattoos-41

Women tattoos-39

Women tattoos-36

Women tattoos-33

Women tattoos-32

Women tattoos-7

Women tattoos-8

Women tattoos-17

Women tattoos-13

Cute Tattoos For Girls

Women tattoos-44

Women tattoos-28

Women tattoos-27

Women tattoos-26

Women tattoos-25

Women tattoos-23

Women tattoos-20

Women tattoos-51

Women tattoos-18

Women tattoos-11

Women tattoos-10

Women tattoos-6

Women tattoos-5

Women tattoos-4

Women tattoos-3

Women tattoos-50

Women tattoos-49

Women tattoos-48

Women tattoos-47

Women tattoos-46

Women tattoos-65

Women tattoos-63

Women tattoos-2

Women tattoos-12

Women tattoos-34

Women tattoos-37

Women tattoos-38

Women tattoos-42

Women tattoos-64

Women tattoos-66

Women tattoos-67

Women tattoos-68

Women tattoos-69

Women tattoos-1

Women tattoos-9

Women tattoos-19

Women tattoos-22

Women tattoos-24

Women tattoos-35

Women tattoos-31

Women tattoos-40

Women tattoos-43

Women tattoos-45

Women tattoos-56

Women tattoos-16

Women tattoos-15

Women tattoos-14

Women tattoos-21

Women tattoos-30

Women tattoos-62


Women tattoos-58