10 Best Face Tattoo Designs For 2015


Tattoos are a history, in some places it was a practice to show how strong you and some were it was a culture to show how big compromise one can give to praise their lord! Tattoos have always been a big mystery, though their start is from ancient tribal region and their art forms but now tattoos are much in fashion! Tattoos are a tradition! Tattoos have created a big place in today’s generation.

Out of every 10 people 4 are inked! Yes! This trend of having a tattoo has become so common. Yet, having a face tattoo is not so common in Asian culture! It is more of a taboo! But still if you dare enough to have one on face do it! Face tattoo is a big task though! But still you can have it as it shows your guts and true love for tattoos! Below we shall discuss 10 best face tattoo ideas!


1. Forehead tattoo
Forehead is the starting area of your body! Having a tattoo straight on to your forehead will be a really nice choice.
You can make a tattoo of third eye! This looks a bit scary but its okay if you like it,
or you can even try out some saying to write them upon your forehead.
Also, you can just make tree branches and leaves just on the sides of your forehead.
You may try our different types of crowns or tiaras to ink up on your fore head.

Forehead tattoo

2. Face skull tattoo
You may try a tattoo that shows your bones upon your skin! That obviously a skeleton tattoo!
This is a really unique and of course the most scary one!
If you have such a personality to carry such bold and big tattoos you must choose to have a skeleton face tattoo. A small variation in this you can try is that you can cover your neck also! To give it a complete look!


3. Half face tattoo
Why don’t you try something uncommon? Let’s not tattoo the whole face and just a half of it!
Select your favorite design or pattern! This should give a really nice effect.
You may have a tattoo of a half map, a half journey (or road), a half book. This would predict that you are still left with something to complete!

Half face tattoo

4. Lips and eyelids tattoo
Having a face tattoo doesn’t mean that you will need to cover the whole face. If you just want to give subtle effects then choose the most delicate portions of your face! Those are your lips and eyelids!
You can try small and cute tattoos like a flower or birds.
Or you can try some bold one such as spooky wires on your lips and eyelids

Lips and eyelids tattoo

5. Making it soft!

Let your face tattoo speak up your inner soul! If you are a person with a beautiful heart then you do have an option of having soothing and soft tattoos on your face.You can have flowers, sun rays, moon light and lots more tattoos which depict tenderness and care. You can also try making a baby face on to you face to depict that the a child is still alive in you

Beautiful and popular face tattoo design of all time

6. Tribal Face tattoo

Why can’t we follow the same tradition as our ancestors did? The tribal tattoos! Every tribe had a different tattoo, to show that from which tribe they belonged!
You can also do the same by choosing you favorite face tattoo out of any tribe.
Or you can bring a change also! By designing up your own,
Or you can simply mix the designs of 2-3 tribal tattoos and make something new out of it!


7. Inspiration !

Every one has some inspiration, and especially for having a tattoo one is mostly inspired by someone. That someone could be anything it may be living or dead.
So its time to tribute the inspiration itself.
Make a face tattoo of your life’s biggest inspiration it would be the greatest tribute to it.
You may draw a glimpse of it for example if music is your inspiration just draw a musical ‘&’ to show your love!

face tattoo for women

8. Something different!
Run your mind, search, surf and find something really unique and new! Find a totally new and different face tattoo.
For example: You may try having a combination of animals and humans by dividing your face in half.

face tattoo for men

9.  Birds or bats tattoo
get a tattoo of birds and bats! We have seen these tattoos mostly on wrists and arms but we can have the same in our face also!
Moreover you can try having a combination of both birds and bats!  This would look super awesome
For example you can have a tattoo with half a face birds and half a face bats!

Birds or bats tattoo

10. Colored or pure black tattoo on face
Choose one! Choose wisely! Either a colored tattoo or a pure black one!
As to have symmetry on your face this is really important to judge. So, have a colorful one with flowers, rose petals, clouds etc. Or a black one with only the outlines of the image.

Colored or pure black tattoo on face


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