10 Best Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

Sanskrit Tattoos
Adam Levines Sanskrit Tattoo

Sanskrit has been a big and prominent part in the ancient history of India. It is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world. The language is really creative and well known in India. Though except pandit or Brahmans no body speaks Sanskrit but still it has a deep sign of existence in the country. Sanskrit being a language has also attracted many western people also! This language is magical. The way of writing, speaking and expressing the emotion is way too creative.

Now when we hear a word creative, we get a big bell in our heads of getting it as a tattoo on the condition being that you are crazy about tattoos and inks! Though Sanskrit is just a language like English, French etc but it has various different signs and symbols which makes it more attractive to be in a tattoo! Here in this article we will be having 10 Best Sanskrit Tattoo Designs.

1. Holy symbols.
You may try out new designs of making OM and creating relating it to some other holy god or goddess! Like as we can see in the image, the holy God Ganesha is made out of the holy symbol of OM. You can also make Parvati ( wife of lord shiva) in the similar manner. Also if you see carefully you will see some lines are written in Sanskrit which makes the tattoo all the more attractive.

hinduism om sign tattoo on back of neck

2. A spine line

This tattoo is sleek and beautiful. It goes with those people who love to show their sexy back and are eager to have a nice back tattoo. This tattoo is not at all messy and looks really good on curvy bodies.

Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

3. Bold and sexy

If you are a person with good physique and want to show it off with bold and heavy tattoos then a Sanskrit font tattoo will surely be your choice.
sanskrit writing tattoo on upper back
4. Something for society.

You may give any message through your tattoo which arrows directly at the society. Sanskrit is a meaningful language; it is known to have logic behind every sentence. Therefore a Sanskrit formatted tattoo will always help you to provide a good message.
Sanskrit Tattoo Designs
5.  Shoulder view.

A tattoo meant for dancers and bicep owners! Obviously if we have a good physique in terms of good shoulder and biceps, we must always try to define them! A tattoo can give your physique the best definition we need. A shoulder tattoo in Sanskrit as in the image shows the rays of success.
Sanskrit Tattoo Designs
6. A holy circle.

This would always be the choice of all tattoo lovers! A very fine and sophisticated tattoo one can ever have. You may add other holy symbols of Sanskrit famous symbols to make it more attractive.
Indian celeb Sanskrit Tattoo Designs
7. Peace for all.
Peace is the definition of godliness! A tattoo which defines that you want peace everywhere, your thoughts are clear, clean and you do not want mess or noise in life you are a follower of Buddha or any other saint then this tattoo is for you.
Sanskrit Tattoo Designs
8. A holy mantra.
A holy mantra is really effective to help you with going to a right path all your life. In Sanskrit language there are so many mantras which you may choose and get a tattoo. These mantras has deep meanings and blessings in them this ha always been in sacred books of Indian mythology.

back Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

9. Nirvana
Nirvana in real sense means “mukti” the end of suffering. Though we can never escape from pain but there is always a path not to suffer any more and live happily!

Sanskrit Tattoo Designs

10. A infinity loop
You may try out an infinity loop of a Sanskrit mantra or any holy word. This looks really cool and will give you a unique tattoo. This is a new type of design and in a unique shape of getting a Sanskrit tattoo.


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