30 Amazing Color Tattoo Designs for Boys and Girls

Tattoos are being loved by trendy people. The most confusing thing is about the selection of the design , color and portion of the body where a tattoo need to be inked. We have gathered here a list of 30 amazing color tattoo for boys and girls so that you could get out of this confusion and reach to the satisfactory solution.
There are numbers of girls and boys who are looking for awesome and attractive designs of tattoo so that they can present themselves in a more stylish and trendy manner however they are not able to reach to the ultimate solution as they have a number of options available on the internet and market like small tattoos, bird tattoos, flower tattoos, and so on. However , very rare people have a good sense of style as what to choose and where it should be placed so hot you could look a real fashionable personality. Sometimes, select an area where one hesitates to show them off so it makes the purpose meaningless. So, before getting a tattoo done, one should make it clear if it is resolving your purpose of portraying yourself as a trendy person or not.
So, here we have assembled 30 Amazing Color Tattoo Designs for Boys and Girls so that these designs could inspire you towards trendy tattoo world and you could select one amazing tattoo design for yourself among these awesome collection.

Colorfull Candy

Color Tattoo Design1


Color Tattoo Design2


Color Tattoo Design3

Life is black.

Color Tattoo Design4


Color Tattoo Design5

Tattoo nostalgia

Color Tattoo Design6


Color Tattoo Design7

back tattoos

Color Tattoo Design8

My tattoos

Color Tattoo Design9

Tattoo pioeuvre

Color Tattoo Design10

Tattoos VIII

Color Tattoo Design11



Tattoos III

Color Tattoo Design13


Color Tattoo Design14


Color Tattoo Design15


Color Tattoo Design16

My tattoo

Color Tattoo Design17

Tattoo pioeuvre 3.

Color Tattoo Design18

Color inside

Color Tattoo Design19


Color Tattoo Design20

Flower Tattoo in Color

Color Tattoo Design21

Sakura Tattoo in Color

Color Tattoo Design22

Tattoo butterfly colors

Color Tattoo Design23

Rose Color Cover up Tattoo

Color Tattoo Design24

Tattoo Make Over

Color Tattoo Design25

Candle Tattoo

Color Tattoo Design26


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